April 14, 2014

Other things to put in Easter Baskets (besides candy) from iheartnaptime.net

                                         Don't give artificial colors/additives to your kids.

If you choose to give candy, give quality not quantity. Whole Foods or your local health food store or even homemade candies with real ingredients. Here are some other ideas. Your time is the thing your child craves most!


April 8, 2014

Food Substitutions for Cravings

When I tell people that I don't eat gluten, dairy or eggs, I invariably get "what do you eat"???? I don't feel usually feel deprived with all these other choices. It is best to stay away from sugar, but if you indulge infrequently you should be OK. The healthiest way to do this is to pick raw food desserts.

I have gotten to the point where I can substitute other delicious foods in place of the foods I avoid. Here are some examples. For healthier recipes www.lupushopecookbook.blogspot.com Please ask for any other substitutions I may have forgotten in the comments.

Eggs....  instead I'll eat scrambled tofu or hummus.

Cookies.... instead I'll eat homemade cookies from my blog www.myfamilysfavoritegfcfrecipes.blogspot.com

Ice cream.... instead I'll eat raw Nut ice creams (Cashewtopia)  or soy or coconut ice creams (Coconut Bliss)

Cake/muffins.... instead I'll eat homemade cake from my blog www.myfamilysfavoritegfcfrecipes.blogspot.com

Chocolate candies...instead homemade from www.myfamilysfavoritegfcfrecipes.blogspot.com with Lindt Bittersweet or other gluten free /vegan chocolate

Pasta..... instead gluten free pasta (Tinkyada) or Explore Asian mung bean pasta or sliced zucchini or for lasagna "noodles" use roasted eggplant slices

bread.....  instead I use raw crackers/bread

yogurt...instead coconut or soy yogurt

potato chips....instead I make my own or make or buy kale chips

Doritoes....instead I fry Food For Life brown rice tortillas and season or add dips or Spicy Cheesy Kale Chips (recipe on my recipe blog)

Cheese....instead raw nut cheese, or soy cheese (Follow Your Heart or non soy Daiya)

Pizza....instead homemade recipe on www.myfamilysfavoritegfcfrecipes.blogspot.com

There are also a few things at the store that I treat myself to occasionally. Pumpkin tofu cheesecake (at Cornucopia) or Hail Merry raw food tarts. or Earth Café raw food pies.

January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! and a recipe....

Eat LOTS of Veggies!
Happy New Year! I had forgotten about this recipe for Taco Salad. It's delicious and really great for those Mexican cravings. I had it for dinner the other night. Wish I had taken a picture for this post... hopefully, next time.


December 9, 2013

"Healing Rheumatoid Arthritis?"

Another holistic doctor for you all to research. Dr. McDougall. Read his books/articles/website etc. Click below to see how a patient of his healed her arthritis. He also mentions this diet/protocol being able to help Lupus as well.



November 12, 2013

Stop by and "Like" my Lupus Hope Facebook page!

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Go Gluten Free and Fix Your Brain by Kelly Brogan MD

Folks with Lupus often have brain fog and memory problems. I remember sometimes my brain felt just to tired to think. I would want to run away from problems. My brain felt so much better when I added supplements and took out the foods I was allergic/intolerant to. The main ones being wheat/gluten, dairy, and eggs.


I've Been Slacking...

Realized I've been slacking off on routinely writing for Lupus Hope. I have been posting some on Facebook. I have to double check if I have a link on my blog to my Lupus Hope Facebook page. Since my move to Eastern Long Island way too much has been going on.

Started my children in their Senior year, last year, out here and they didn't do well at all. So we rented an apartment to get them back into their old school district. The added expense of the apartment and gas for travel, hurt, plus paying for our current mortgage as well.

Then this year they both started college and more money was needed.

Also 2 sick and old doggies (the dogs are 10 and 11 years old) in the mix and vet trips. One dog has developed incontinence, the other has a mass that we think is cancer....(even with feeding the dogs quality homemade raw food diets... go figure)

OK enough about me. I had 2 reasons for starting this blog.
1) To document my Lupus healing journey
2) To share information to help others with Lupus and other autoimmune diseases (and other diseases of other types) because something I try, or research, or learn can possibly help you all and your friends and family

September 9, 2013

My Lupus Hope Healing Plan

Below is a link to my "sister" blog, Lupus Hope Healing Plan, on actual steps to take to get healthier. Read the blog research the items and if you think they would help you too, take those baby steps to make a healthier life/world for yourself (and your family/friends).


August 14, 2013

Gluten sensitivity masquerading as systemic lupus erythematosus by Dr M Hadjivassiliou


A paper that everyone should read. If you look at Celiac Disease/Gluten Intolerance symptoms and Lupus symptoms side by side, many symptoms are far too similar. Click below to read the paper


July 30, 2013

Another Testimony to Changing Diet to Heal Lupus

Click below to read this woman's story....

Long Island Health Food Stores

Here is a list of Long Island Health Food Stores from LI Holistic Health (also I would like to add Rita's Real Foods in Bayport, Live Island Cafe in Huntington, Organically Yours in Northport,
 It's Only Natural Food and Wellness Store in Bellport, Halsey's Green Thumb Farmer Market in Water Mill has many grocery items as well as, gluten free items, raw nuts, dried fruits, beans, rice, pasta, chips, cheeses and check out any other farmer's markets too) It's great to keep a list of Health Food Stores where you live or where you travel so you always have food options whether you are raw, macrobiotic, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free, paleo, or whatever diet you personally follow.

When you travel look on-line for health food stores in the location you will be travelling. Also don't forget if you are travelling during the warmer months you can look to your local farmer's markets as well!